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DIRTT ‘Doing It Right This Time’; refers to creating responsive, sustainable and unique workspaces through DIRTT’s Agile Architectural Solutions. Movable walls and access floors allow for complete self-expression and individual function providing a productive, long-term, flexible asset. DIRTT Walls are pre-engineered, pre-manufactured and horizontally support new and legacy furniture and storage. They virtually eliminate construction waste and any future renovation waste – no demolition, dumping, procuring and re-building. The results are dramatic and meaningful for the environment and your bottom-line.

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LA County (only)                                 
           Steve Francis                    714.566.4035
           Gary W. Niro, IIDA                     310.750.7760
           Judith Wilson, FIIDA          818.980.1232
Orange County & Inland Empire
           Mike Taylor                               714-240-2923      
San Diego/Santa Barbara Counties & North

            Donna Shirley                           858-531-9452

Green Learning Center  "Living Wall" 

The latest innovation from DIRTT allows you to add living walls quickly and easily to your space. Breathe™ launches in the DIRTT Green Learning Centers this Spring. Hope you'll stop by and smell the flowers.

Spring into spring with a rare opportunity to purchase a living wall at a very special introductory price for the A & D community.

DIRTT Walls are all about high performance. Part of performing is the ability to support whatever your space needs to function best, now and in the future. Whether you need your Walls to bring a bit of nature inside with the Breathe living-wall modules or you just want a bracket to hang your furniture and a tray to hold your highlighter pens - you can do it with DIRTT.

Please visit to see what the excitement is all about!

DIRTT-'Doing It Right This Time' refers to creating unique workspace interiors with responsive, Agile Architectural Solutions. Self-expression and dynamic sustainability combine to produce customized, productive office solutions that are award winning, sustainable, long-term assets. Further improving the process, DIRTT uses real-time, interactive 3D software called ICE®; a single software application for a fluid flow of information, from design and point-of-sale to the manufacturing floor, eliminating order entry errors and interapplication conflicts

DIRTT's rapid growth is supported by the opening of the two new Green Learning Centers in California. These spaces are for potential clients and design professionals to discover the sustainable, aesthetic and performance abilities of the DIRTT walls, modular electric, modular data, flooring and the way ICE software communicates the designer's vision.
Yes, our movable walls give you sustainability. But it is our software that takes us over the top. ICE® is intelligent, interactive 3D software . Let us show you the way forward in the 21st century with this innovative and award winning system.

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DIRTT Green Learning Center in Culver City
Open by appointment only