Steve Francis & Associates is a multi-line Manufacturer's Representative
specializing in Contemporary Styled Furnishings.

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Healthcare Design Conference 2012
Phoenix, AZ
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NeoCon 2012
The 3rd annual IIDA Southern California Student Design Exhibit
held at California State University, Long Beach

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AIA Design Meets Los Angeles - September 16, 2011
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14th Annual
AIA Los Angeles Interior
Architecture Committee


AIA Los Angeles Interior Architecture Committee Design Meets Los Angeles
2008 Beaux Arts Ball

Joanne Huang, Michael Goetz, Noreen Nye & Melissa Mohr

Kara lucas, Erin Christy, Kam Kamran, Kevin Davis, Nila & Ron Leiserowitz

Leeann Kirkendale, Mary Claire Garity & Kam Kamran

Jack Poulin, Allard Kuijken, Laurence Cartledge

Sean Kim & Deborah Davis

Steve Francis & Kim Newcomb

Nancy Keatinge & Stanley felderman

Jeff Wirt & Paula Dold

Andrera Rodrigues, Kirt Gombatz, Colleen Crutcher

Ana Forrester, Mo and Lisa Jones

Monique Blaise-Algie, Kerry Epmeier, Annette Goldberg, Meredith Kovachs

Minah Yeo & Steve Francis

Kurt Gombatz & Greg Dona

Eduardo Melgar & Kathleen Neary

Jeffrey Greenbaum & Lacey Causseaux

Bill Yount & Jack Poulin

Minah Yeo enjoying the VIP dinner

Michael Shelton & Will Smith

Eduardo Melgar & Lauren Dossey

Holly Kaufman & Neil Pappone

Co chairs Allard Kuijken, Walt Cousineau & Amanda Kaleps

Dream World Cirque performing above the crowd

Flying Lady @ DMLA 2008

Steve francis & Cheyene Brown

Pamala Peng, Michael Shelton & Natsumi Motomura

~ DMLA ~
Design Meets Los Angeles - Setember 16, 2005

AIA LA Interior Architecture Committee
8th Annual DMLA

Beverly Russell, Barbara Dunn & Lori Tierney
Design Meets Los Angeles 
Lynnette Tedder & Brian Churchill 
Gensler's Rob Jernigan & Barbara Dunn 
Clay & Cindy Pendergrast & Noreen Nye 
Mitch & Susan Sawasy 
Cannon's Jack Poulin & Jessica Zaski and friend 
Beverly Russell & Walt Cousineau 
Suzanne Lloyd- Simmons & Dan Spear
Elizabeth Dea and Cindy Wong
Gensler's Roy Huebner and Elizabeth Downs  
Pam Juba, Beverly Russell, Jim Klawiter 
Hilary Luckenbaugh, Pam Light, Rosemarie from System Source 
Beverly Russell & Kathy Pray 
VIP Dinner before event 
Celeste Altimari, Stacey Quesada, DeeAnn Jacobs 
Debra Kellogg & Debbie Batista having fun 
Gary Conrad of HBC and the girls 
Cannon Design's Kirk von Spaeth,
Keith Kaplan & John Cashman
Susanne Molina & Clara Igonda 
Mark Bryant & Eric Gartner 
Dan & Kathy Beckwith 
Kurt Gombatz, Steve Karegeannes, Keith Kaplan 
Steve Francis, Steve Karegeannes, Sean Ogrady 
Chris Mitchell & Shidan Taslimi 
Rene Brigden from Office Furniture Group 
Suzanne, Rene & Kurt and friend 
Craig Park & Beverly Russell 
Huiling Hsieh & Clara Igonda 
Huiling Hsieh & Clara Igonda 
Nancy Keatinge & WWCOT's Janet Rhee 
Pam Light & Carrie Wetsch 
Clay Pendergrast sure is happy 
Suzanne, Markie Smith & Kurt 
Markie Smith, Steve Francis & Suzanne 
Carlos Posada, Kimberly Johnson, Rey Viquez 
Kara Lucas & Michael Beckson 
Cindy Ortiz & Will Fortune 
Fabulous Will 
Nancy Keatinge & Stanley Felderman 
Kam Kamran giving Debbie Batista a little love 
Rey Viquez & Kam Kameron 
Marcus Millichap's Gregory Maradei & friends 
Vanessa Veloso & Diana Tenfield
Colleen Crutcher & Steve Francis 
Carrie Wetsch & Colleen Crutcher 
Helen Yee & Dan Spear 
Jim Klawier & Jeff from Gensler
Johnson Fain's Shannon McShea and friends
IA's Neil Pappone & Lori and Bob from Haworth
Alex Oneal & Roy Huebner
Marty & Barbara Kessler
IFMA Event, Christmas 2005

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