Steve Francis & Associates is a multi-line Manufacturer's Representative
specializing in Contemporary Styled Furnishings.

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IIDA 2004 Calibre Awards

IIDA 2004 Calibre Awards Red Carpet Video

Design Meets Los Angeles
AIA Interior Architecture Committee
September 17, 2004

Davis Furniture's 60th Anniversary Event
March 10th at the Jules Seltzer Beverly Blvd Showroom

Now Showing at the
Jules Seltzer Beverly Blvd Showroom

Steve Adams &
Mahram's Karen Pujol Tenzer

Colleen Crutcher & daughter Jillian

Jeff Batts & Steve Francis

Art for Aids III
Laguna Beach, February 7th 2004

Kyan Douglas, T.I.C.A., Anthony Pisano
& Steve Francis supporting Aids Service Foundation & Laguna Art Museum

Artist Billy Al Bengston,
wife Wendy Al, daughter T.I.C.A
and Steve.

IIDA's  All About Art
San Diego, October 9th 2003

Laura Metcaff, Nathan Dean
& Marianne Berg

Carrier Johnson's Lori Reynolds
& Maruka Tarabay

Parron Hall's Jim Herr &
Carmelita Apodaca

Patricia Ropohl & Steve Francis

Johnson Fain Partners

Chhada Siembieda

Gensler's Razor

Razor made his mark

Furniture Designer Will Smith

Steve Francis's Team Wizardry


Carole Graham & Yuri Petroff

The winning team- Beckson Design

Gensler's Larry Bisson

Judy Wilson & Carole Graham

Marilyn, Lynn & Leslie

Leslie Bradley & Leigh Ann Brannon

IIDA Chapter President Marilyn Ellington

Steve's Team Wizardry

DBP's Helen Yee & Sybille Zimmermann

Bob Love & Penny Hawks

Erica Steenstra, Will & Leigh Ann

Beckson Designs Laurie Meier

FIDM's Model

Boise Workspace's Sheryl Alberico

Kevin Davis & Kam Kamran

The Razor of Gensler

Will Smith & Erica Steenstra

Hok's Kelly Ennis grabbing fabric

Team Wizardry dressing Will Smith

Steve, Lynn Moravec & Leigh Ann

Getting in the act

Johnson Fain's Butter fly

The boys of Gelsler creating Razor

Susan Wells & Norene Nye

September 12, 2003

Will Smith & Leigh Klein

Delia & Cindy Ortiz

General Contractor Shidan Taslimi

Legendary Kam Kameron

Larry Bisson & Susan Wells

Debra Haas & Will Smith

HDR's David & Yumi Oh

Steve & Lynette Tedder

Laurie Meier and Kam

Kam & The Ladies

Kam & Darcy Bruner from WWCOT

Steve & Michael Beckson

Will Smith & HOK's Nicky Kaplan

Jean-Guy Poitras, Bette Simpson, Scott Cook

Steve Francis & Roland Quirion

Western Offices Bette Simpson

Erica Steenstra & Joel

Shidan Taslimi & Friends

Steve & Will Smith

Steve & Hok's Kelly Ennis

Kam, Elliott & Will

Kelly Ennis & Michael Montanez of DMJM Rottet

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